“Easy Chair”A DEADVERSE Re-mix by Dälek

Well All this time in lock down has brought on new challenges on how to live and and why we do what we do. Some of us have to be very creative moving forward and find new uses for our current skills others of us may have to re-train completely.

I have been at the crossroads many a time and wondered what is the relevance of my endeavors, what does it mean to produce art, where is the line between commercialism and true artist expression. Navigating these ideals has always been tricky for me. 

To cast aside commercial music and what it may mean to so many people would be myopic and  arrogant. I do what I do and cast no aspersions at those who choose another path. I just hope that all of you out there can relish that all creative endeavors in art deserve some attention… 

So enjoy all the beautiful things that pop up on your screene….

Produced and conceived by ANGERYMAN for SOAPBOX EDUCATIONAL FILMS. Musical Re-mixed by Dälek from the original track for the ANGERYMAN inaugural album “Time Is The Killer”. Recorded and produced by Tenboi & ANGERYMAN.  Monster animation by Jenz Koudahl, Drawing by Sang Il Oh, Footage shot by Claudius Pratt, some black and white footage from Creative Commons  additional footage from Anders Graver. 

SOAPBOX MUSIC & ANGERYMAN production present “Easy Chair”A  DEADVERSE Re-mix by Dälek from the pioneering alt hip-hop duo,Rapper/Producer Will Brooks AKA Dälek has been delivering ground breaking albums for over 20 years. They have encapsulated fans and critics across all genres, garnering fans and accolades from the Hip-Hop, Electronic, Indie, Metal, Shoegaze, Jazz and experimental communities.

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